At the risk of being hyperbolic, canoeing truly is the perfect pastime. Relatively easy to begin, lots of fun to practice, and healthy to boot, there is a lot to love. And the art of paddling dates all the way back to prehistoric times — which gives it a special kind of allure for anyone looking to escape the everyday hustle, bustle, and stress of our modern world.

All that being said, canoeing can be a bit challenging your first time out on the water — which is why keeping a positive attitude is a must! If you want your first ride to be a little smoother (both literally and figuratively) then these simple tips can help.

1. Take Safety Seriously.

Yes, this is a boring way to start this list of tips — but it is important enough to warrant saying anyway. So wear your life jacket, apply copious amounts of sunscreen, and be sure to let someone on land know where you plan on going. Last but not least, know your own limits: if you get tired, stop and rest rather than over-exerting yourself!

2. Find Your Rhythm.

The key to going in a straight line rather than in circles is to alternate your strokes from side to side in synchronization with your partner. This sounds easy now, but just wait! Patience, teamwork, and communication are all musts!

3. Keep your Paddle Vertical.

This will help you get the most power out of each stroke.

4. Pay Attention to the River.

Paddling alone is quite demanding, and can easily consume all of your attention as a beginner. But keeping an eye out for obstacles and hazards is a must — especially because many potential dangers are rather hard to spot.

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