For most people living in the comfort of the modern world, natural survival skills seem like the stuff of movies and adventure fantasies. But the truth is that there are many practical benefits to learning a few basic survival skills. Acquiring self-confidence and perseverance top the list, as does increased safety in the event of a real-life emergency. At the very least, studying survival basics offers an entertaining window into the more adventurous parts of our own psychology.

Camping also offers a similar connection with our innate desire for adventure, which is a good reason why camping trips are a great opportunity to learn some of the skills that could one day save your life. Here’s our list of the top four survival skills everyone should learn:

1. CPR/First Aid.

The American Heart Association estimates that CPR can double or even triple survival rates for people experiencing cardiac arrest — which is one of the best arguments for learning CPR you will ever hear.

2. Swimming.

A cool and entertaining pastime, a heart-friendly and low-impact form of exercise, and a basic survival skill all rolled into one. There’s a lot to love about swimming — especially if you are planning a camping trip to a location that has both swimming pools and a river!

3. Starting a fire.

If you are unsure of how to build a campfire, you should probably check out this recent Saco River blog post on building the perfect fire!

4. Pitching a tent.

Sure, there are plenty of campgrounds that offer lodging rentals — but whether you sleep in a cabin or under the open stars, you should probably have a basic understanding of how to pitch a tent.

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