As you plan your next camping trip, be sure that you prepare and have these four handy tent accessories on-hand!

1.Tent Lights.  

Both convenient and stylish, tent lights can help make camping easier and safer by providing illumination at a moment’s notice. Though you will still want to bring a couple of flashlights for the sake of mobility, a tent light can be far superior when you’re wanting to read, socialize, or just lounge around in the tent without dealing with a hand-held light source.

2. Tent Footprint.

This is a heavy tarp or tarp-like material that can be placed underneath your tent in order to protect the material, keep moisture out, and even provide a smidgen of padding. Many tents come with a tent footprint, but not all do–and, moreover, you may wish to invest in a higher-quality tent footprint than the one that came with your original purchase. Protect the investment you made in your tent while sleeping more comfortably: it’s a no-brainer!

3. Tent Repair Kit.

Basic tent repair kits can be purchased affordably, and this investment could really save you a headache down the road. A good tent repair kit will come with patches for both your screen and the tent body itself, as well as the sewing equipment you will need in order to utilize these patches.

4. Tent Cover.

Another accessory that many tents include, but if yours doesn’t, you definitely need to invest in a cover, as this can be a lifesaver in the event of rain.


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