Like all bodies of water, rivers ignite “something” in us. They offer us pristine settings where we can enjoy the beauties of nature in a quieter environment while immersing ourselves in lots of fun and high adrenaline activities. However, not everyone knows how to make the most of the dynamic outdoor systems that the river offers.

Preparation is always key to having a safe and successful camping trip. Without it, you will not only be putting yourself in dangerous situations, but you might also spoil the fun for everyone in your party.

Here are 4 tips to help you enjoy your river camping trip this summer: –

Adequate preparation

Decide early on whether you will take part in various river-based activities such as fishing, relaxing and sightseeing. If this will be your first time, make sure that you read some river guidebooks, especially for the particular river that you are planning to navigate.  Saco River Recreational Council has some great resources to reference.

Pack just a little

You will only need the most essential camping gear for your trip. Packing too many items will not necessarily make your river camping more comfortable. In fact, it could be cumbersome and make the trip more difficult.

Know your limits

It can be exhilarating pushing yourself to extreme limits, but it is really important to know your limits in order to stay safe. If you are not used to the rapids, don’t rush into it. Most importantly, stay sober. Don’t drink and row or swim. You can grab your cold beer only after you are through with the day’s activities.

Research the sites

Don’t miss out on the fun simply because you failed to do your homework. Before heading out to the river, take time to research the sites so that you can know some of the best spots to experience.

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