A great camping blog can help get you excited about your upcoming trip, it can help you make the smartest plans, and it might even inspire you to write something yourself! Here are 5 can’t miss family camping blogs!


  1. A Little Campy. A great camping blog written by a mom and designed with parents in mind. If you’re looking for a well-rounded family camping blog, this is a good place to start!
  2. Dirty Gourmet. If you’re looking for more specialized blogs regarding various camping topics…then one of the first topics that probably crossed your mind was food! Preparing camping food can be a super-fun adventure all by itself–but that adventure becomes even more special when the food is delicious. From proffering advice on the best ways of preparing classic campfire foods like s’mores and hot dogs, to offering up unique camping recipes you’ve never even heard of–Dirty Gourmet has got you covered in this department.
  3. Gear Junkie. Another area of specialization that many campers are interested in? Camping gear, of course. Gear Junkie offers articles, reviews, tips, and tricks regarding all sorts of specialized gear for all sorts of specialized purposes. The scope of this magazine goes beyond just camping, but by honing in on specific camping related articles you can get some of the best, most thoughtfully written advice out there!
  4. RV Crazy. The name says it all. Fans of RV camping, rejoice–this is the blog for you!
  5. Saco River Camping Area Blog! Ok, time for a bit of shameless self promotion! We have a blog of our own here at Saco River Camping Area–and we invite you to stay tuned as we continue to cover topics relevant to our beloved campers! From our blog page you can also subscribe to our newsletter, so be sure to stay in touch there, as well. In the meantime, we look forward to seeing you out on the campground!