Featuring moderate temperatures, beautiful natural scenery, and fewer crowds than the summer, fall offers a wonderful setting to take a mini-vacation — even if it is only for a day or two. Let’s take a look at five unique and enjoyable options for a fall trip with the family:

1. Go Festival Hopping.

Artisanal food, local fine arts and crafts, homemade desserts, quirky souvenirs, fun events, and family bonding time are just a few great reasons to visit one of the thousands of fall festivals held annually in small towns and big cities across the US. Looking for an interesting festival in the Conway, New Hampshire area? This quick Mt. Washington Valley event guide can help get you started! 

2. Enjoy a Fall Camping Trip.

Though summertime camping remains the most popular option for most people, fall is a special time of year to spend in the great outdoors, If you are interested in cool weather camping, this recent Saco River Camping Area blog article offers a few simple tips that can help you stay comfortable and safe.

3. Try Train Travel.

One of the most memorable ways of taking in fall foliage and the beautiful landscapes of America is by train. Whether it’s a short town-to-town trip or an interstate journey, you are sure to discover adventure along the way. Amtrak serves 46 states including New Hampshire, so get out there at see the country!

4. Go on a Small Town Vacation.

Typically much more affordable and accessible than their big-city counterparts, small town America still packs quite a punch in terms of fun and entertainment. We might be a bit biased, but we think that Conway, New Hampshire is an especially beautiful and enjoyable travel destination — This Saco River guide to the area might help convince you as well!

5. Visit a State or National Park.

One of the best ways of taking in all the beauty of fall is visiting a state or national park, such as White Mountain National Park, located just minutes from Conway, NH.


To learn more about camping and/or the Conway, New Hampshire region, visit the Saco River Camping Area blog today!