September has arrived, school is back, and the leaves are already beginning to change. The arrival of fall doesn’t mean an end to outdoor fun, however! In fact, the autumn months offer some of the most beautiful glimpses into the beauty of nature: and camping can be a wonderful way to take it all in. Of course, with the change of seasons comes new challenges: campers must be prepared for the cooler temperatures that will await them. Here are a few important tips to keep in mind:


  1. Don’t cover your face while sleeping.

    Though this can be tempting, covering your face up with your sleeping bag or pillow will only trap excessive moisture close to your body, making the warming effects of your covers less efficient.

  2. Make that bathroom trip a priority.

    Getting up to go to the bathroom can be a real drag in cold weather, but your body expends a lot of energy and warmth holding in urine–which is why cold weather makes us want to pee more often in the first place.

  3. Cook a warm meal.

    Eating well is another important biological remedy to feeling cold–and nothing warms the soul like a nice hot meal. Preparing the campfire you will need in order to cook is also a classic camping activity that will help pass the time while keeping you warm.

  4. Layer up.

    As you may have heard a million times from your mother, you can always take layers off, but going back home for more clothes is rarely an easy option.

  5. Use the right gear.

    Ensure that your tent has a rain cover. Choose sleeping bags designed for low temperatures. In short, consider the gear you will need carefully and come prepared!


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