Mobile applications can help make camping more convenient. Here are a few great choices to consider downloading before your next trip.

  1. Flashlight. Whether you’ve forgotten your flashlight, or just need a bit of extra backup, a flashlight app can come in extremely handy. A word of warning, however: flashlight apps are known to drain battery fast, so come prepared with a portable phone charger!
  1. First Aid. An app developed by the American Red Cross, this app offers valuable information regarding quick responses to many of the most common injuries, illnesses, and ailments.
  1. Camping Checklist. Experienced campers and first-timers alike have all had that frustrating experience of forgetting something important on a camping trip. With pre-configured lists and versatile customization options, this nifty app can help! Of course, if you do forget something, there’s no need to despair–Saco River Camping Area features a fully stocked country store where you can get all the supplies you need!
  1. AccuWeather. There are literally hundreds of weather apps out there, but AccuWeather has earned its reputation as one of the best. Featuring easy and accurate forecasts on a worldwide scale, AccuWeather is a great choice for road trips, camping outings, and more.
  1. Star Walk. One of the most beautiful aspects of camping is escaping from the light pollution that dominates the night sky of most cities and towns around the world. A clear night sky in the great outdoors can be truly stunning, and this app can serve as a guide to the many constellations that have fascinated people for millennia.
  1. iHandy Level. There’s nothing more frustrating and uncomfortable than setting your tent up on uneven ground. That’s why this level-testing app can be a lifesaver on a camping trip. (Oh, and don’t let the name fool you–this app is available for both iPhone and Android!)

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