Forgetting an important item can quickly put a damper on an otherwise picture perfect camping trip. Make sure you check your packing list twice, and don’t forget these 7 important items that are frequently overlooked!

  1. Flashlight/lantern.

    Far too many people make the mistake of assuming that, because they will be building a campfire, they are not going to need additional sources of artificial light. Not only can lacking a good light be inconvenient, however–it can also be dangerous, as it increases your chances of tripping and/or falling in the night!

  1. Coffee filter.

    There’s no need to forego a good cup of jo just because you are enjoying nature. (And don’t even get us started about instant coffee!) Instead, invest in a hand-held coffee filter and make your java the old fashioned way.

  1. Extra Layers.

    Even in the heart of summer, the nights can get brisk–and as moms everywhere are keen to remind us, it’s always easier to take layers off than go back home for more clothes!

  1. Sunscreen + Insect Repellent.

    Protect your skin from the dangers and annoyances of bug bites and sunburns.

  1. First Aid Kit.

    A campsite may be unlikely–not to mention unpleasant to think about–but it’s still worth planning ahead and bringing a first aid kit just in case.

  1. Camera.

    Spending time in the great outdoors is a wonderful chance to disconnect from the technology that dominates our daily lives–but for most people, a camera is one exception to this rule. Bringing a camera allows you to preserve all the beautiful sights and memories that you encounter along the journey!

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