Of all the great camping activities out there, campfire cooking ranks as one of the most popular. Hotdogs and s’mores immediately come to mind, and while they are cherished, American classics, you shouldn’t have to eat them every night. Below are 7 foods that great for camping.



  1. Overnight oats– This is a great breakfast to prepare before you leave for your trip. It’s as easy as throwing some steel- cut oats into a jar with some spices or fruit, and your milk of choice. Hearty, refreshing, easy, and delicious.
  2. Bacon and Eggs– With the help of a Dutch oven, bacon and eggs become just as easy over the fire as it is over the stove. It’s a one- pot breakfast, so don’t be afraid to let those eggs soak up some bacon grease. It won’t hurt them.



  1. Bean salad– Bean salad is especially great for camping because many recipes will call for canned beans. This means you get a light, fresh tasting meal without dealing with too many perishables. Plus, no cooking required!
  2. Camp Cooker Presses– Camp cookers are a must, if you’re looking for easy meals. You can make just about anything that fits between two pieces of bread, tortilla, of pie crust. Pizzas, sandwiches, pies, you name it, you can make it with a camp cooker and have fun doing it.



  1. Hobo Packs– The best thing about Hobo Packs is that you basically get to throw things straight into the campfire. It can be as easy as taking some potatoes, carrots, and sausage, wrapping them up in tin foil, and chucking them on the coals. Just make sure you have a way to get it back.
  2. Dutch Oven Chili– This is a hearty, one-pot recipe that is great for if an unexpected cold-front moves in. Most of the ingredient here are canned as well, so there’s less to have to worry about refrigerating.



  1. No-Bake Cookies– A mix of chocolate, peanut butter, and oatmeal that gives you a midday boost, and puts a smile on your face.


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