Some people are born with a deep connection with mother nature and an enthusiastic love for the great outdoors. Other people…not so much. If your friends fall into that latter category, then organizing a camping trip may be rather complicated. Hopefully, the tips you find in this article can help!

1. Plan the food.

No one can resist s´mores and roasted hot dogs, after all! If you want to get creative, then this recent Saco River Camping Area blog article can offer some inspiration.

2. Choose a comfortable lodging.

Camping out doesn’t necessarily need to mean roughing it in a tent and sleeping bag — RV and cabin rentals are available at many camping areas, and can help make your big adventure feel a little bit more like home.

3. Go on a day trip.

Going for a hike or a kayaking trip can be enough to convince nearly anyone that camping will be an exciting and unique experience.

4. Tell stories and show photos.

What better way to prove how amazing camping can really be than to offer some first-hand accounts of all the good times?

5. Plan a trip during mild weather.

Camping in the heart of summer or in a chilly month of late autumn both have a certain appeal — but planning a trip during more mild weather is less likely to intimidate a camping novice.

6. Find cool activities.

Perhaps your friends fear that camping will be rather drab. Planning exciting activities such as kayaking or laser tag can help change their perception of camping.

7. Lend your gear and offer to make preparations yourself.

Some people are nervous about camping because they feel like they don’t have the equipment they need. Similarly, others may be unsure about how to make camping reservations. Offering a helping hand is a good way of reassuring your friends so that they can look forward to the outing.