If camping off the side of a mountain sounds like fun to you, you’re the perfect person for extreme camping. Opportunities to push your limits, achieve more than you know you can handle, and experience staying somewhere you’ve only dreamed about await you. Do you have the guts to be extreme?

The following camping experiences aren’t for the faint of heart:

Cliff camping in Estes Park.

In the heart of the Colorado Rocky Mountains, brave campers sleep 100 feet off the ground on the side of a cliff. The view of snow-capped mountains, lush trees, clear lakes, and wildlife are enough to excite the most experienced thrill-seeker.

Viewing the Northern Lights in Finland.

A remote village in the Arctic tundra named Kilpisjärvi serves as the perfect backdrop for this unique camping experience. If you want to witness the Northern Lights and all their glory, this adventure will keep you on your toes with your camera nearby.

Sleeping in a tree.

In the German Alps, campers hang from tent-like pods known as a ‘portaledge’. They’re suspended from trees and provide incredible views like nothing men and women have ever experienced before.

Reenacting history.

 Re-enactment camps exist all over the United States that let you be a part of decades past. If you want to know what it was like to live during different time periods and historical events, you’ll find this extreme camping experience worth every dime spent on it.

Are you up for the challenge extreme campers face? If you are, you may want to check out the campgrounds listed above for the ultimate thrill-seeking adventurer. You’ll have plenty of incredible experiences to share with others.

Saco River Camping Area provides plenty of excitement for campers to indulge in. Our site may not be extreme, but it is extremely fun for families! From cycling to fishing to laser tag and kayaking, there is something for everyone to enjoy at our camping area.