As summer winds down and school goes back into session, a truly special time of year begins. Kids get back to seeing old friends, and they enter classrooms to begin learning more about the world around them while developing their growing minds. 

However, before that happens, there is still a little bit of summer left — and summer break itself offers a different type of opportunity for children to develop their minds, explore the world around them, and make friends. Summer break is just as special and important as school itself. (Just think back to your favorite memories from your own childhood, or consider the countless anecdotes of talented individuals such as Bill Gates and Steve Jobs who thrived creatively in the freedom that summer breaks offered.) So, before school bells begin to ring once again, be sure to help your kids get everything they can out of summer. Fill your days with water parks and whiffle ball games and all kinds of fun in the sun — before you know it, autumn will bring cooler temperatures, and school will bring busier schedules.

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