The right convenience foods provide a source of energy, taste great, and are great for camping trips. If you don’t want to haul a lot of items to your campsite, picking up a few things once you’ve arrived at the area is ideal. That way, you can focus on your stay and enjoy the activities you have planned for the week or weekend.

Here are some of the best convenience foods to take camping with you:

Peanut Butter.

Packed with protein and delicious on bread, graham crackers, saltines, a jar of this magical food doesn’t require refrigeration. It’s loved by people of all ages, too, so you can please your kids and their grandparents, too, with this camping convenience food.

Granola Bars.

Available in a variety of flavors, this sweet or salty treat is packed with nuts, seeds, fruit, oats, and even chunks of chocolate in some cases. It makes a great breakfast food or a quick snack while on the go. Best of all, it has little packaging and requires no dishes to clean.

Trail Mix.

Filled with nuts, seeds, and dried fruit, this winning snack has sustained campers for years. Trail Mix now comes in many different varieties to meet the needs of whoever is buying it.

Single Serve Cups of Oatmeal and Soup.

Being able to just add hot water to the cup of oatmeal or soup is excellent. You can boil water in a pan on a campfire or even prepare it in a kettle that plugs into the electrical outlet of your vehicle.

Convenience foods are easy to prepare, require minimal clean-up, and can be strangely satisfying while you’re away from home. Stock up on a few to take with you on your next camping trip. After a day of exploring your surroundings, you’ll be glad that you thought to do so!