Best Ways of Taking Care Camping Gear


Camping gear is quite expensive and if taken care of correctly, can last you a lifetime. However, after a long week at the river, the last thing you want to do is chores.  We want to make your life easy!  Check out these tips on keeping your gear in tip-top shape. 

Taking care of your gear in general

 You would never leave clothes outside unprotected where it can rain, so why would you ever leave your camping gear there? Make sure you clean off any debris. Give it time to air out before you put it away in its permanent home. Use only plastic tubs that have lids or cardboard boxes. Do not store them anywhere that can flood or accumulate moisture. Keeping a dehumidifier in the room is also a great idea!

Sleeping bags

Hand wash or if possible, use a large commercial washer at the laundromat. Wash in cold water and on the last rinse use a fabric softener to keep it smelling fresh and feeling soft. Either hang it up or store it flat. You can even store it that way underneath your bed. Don’t keep it inside out as this can cause bumps in the bag and will not be comfortable the next time you use it.

Cooking gear

Clean all utensils, pots and pans used in mild dish detergent. Take anything that has multiple parts apart and clean thoroughly. Make sure that you get all grease, bugs or leftover food out. Put it on a rack in a way that it will dry out completely before storing it. You can store your cooking gear in plastic tubs with lids. If there are any utensils, put them in a separate plastic bag and make sure it is dry before sealing it off.

Lanterns and electronic items

Take all batteries out of lanterns and electronics. Batteries can become corroded if left inside for too long. Wash down lanterns with a cloth and some soapy water. Get all bugs off of the lanterns and use a dry cloth to get them off the electronics.


Tent care

Taking care of your tent is extremely important. If it is damp, it can grow mildew and mold. It will be virtually worthless if this happens. When you get home from your trip, completely open the tent up and do a thorough inspection. Look for any areas that water may have pooled in. Wipe down the tent with a clean cloth as well as all stakes. Waterproof and U.V. proof any tents that are older. Small parts should be cleaned thoroughly and placed in a sealable plastic bag. Double wrap anything that may poke through the plastic. Let everything dry for as long as it takes to make sure it is not damp. Store the tent after folding it in a dry location.


Proper equipment care is easy!

These are all easy ways to keep your gear clean. If you follow these simple instructions, you can make your camping equipment last a lot longer.  And don’t forget!  Get the kids involved in the up-keep as well.  It will not only teach them how to care for their own camping gear in the future, it will also give you a little extra quality time together.