If you’re the type of person who prefers to see the Great Outdoors with the assistance of a tour guide and likes sleeping in five-star accommodations rather than underneath the stars, you’re in luck. Glamping might be just what you need in your life. You see, camping at a campground doesn’t mean you have to ‘rough it’. In fact, you can make the experience as glamorous as you want it to be very quickly.

Here is how you go from camping to glamping in four easy steps:

1. Pack comfortable bedding.

You don’t have to cram your family into a small tent when there are ones with multiple rooms available. Sure, they take up more space but provide a comfortable setting for everyone camping with you. Air mattresses and mattress toppers mimic the bed you sleep on at home. Bring the pillows, sheets, and blankets that you sleep best on. If you’re well-rested, you’ll enjoy the experience more.

2. Bring a foldable picnic blanket.

You don’t even need a dedicated spot to eat. In fact, when you have a foldable picnic blanket with you, you can plop down wherever you’re at and take in the view. Some are so small that you can fit them in your pocket. Get a look at the night sky better by making sure that you have a foldable picnic blanket on hand at your campground.

3. Your favorite beverages and snacks.

Sometimes, sparkling water works wonders in lifting your spirits. You don’t have to be confined to camp food. You can bring along some of your favorite bottled drinks and pre-packaged snacks to enjoy throughout your trip.

4. Go horseback riding or partake in another activity you never tried before.

Schedule it in advance so that you have plenty of time to prepare for it. Camping doesn’t mean that you just swim in the lake, hike a couple of trails, and sing around the campfire before calling it a day. You can kayak, tube or rent a canoe. You can bike the campsite. You can even go shopping at the outlet mall if you stay at the Saco River Camping Area.

Camping can be as glamorous as you want it to be. With the right equipment, you can make the Great Outdoors your home away from home. It’s up to you to decide which comforts you can’t live without and find a way to incorporate them into your camping environment.