Everybody gets a kind of therapeutic feeling when they head out into the woods to experience nature. In our intensively connected world ruled by smartphones, tablets, apps and social media, a walk in the outdoors in communion with nature is needed more than ever. But are there some real benefits of camping out close to nature or is the famed rejuvenating power of nature just cliché?

In true sense, there are some real benefits that you can derive by ditching all your communications and technology and heading over to experience nature with a superb camping experience. Here is a brief outline of the various forms of benefits that you can derive from camping:-

The benefits of being away from technology

  • Camping takes you off the grid. We are not programmed to be on cell phones and computers all day long. There is a significant toll on your eyesight when you are looking at a bright screen all day long. There are also risks to your wrists and hands such as carpal tunnel syndrome. This is a condition that happens to people who use computers too much for long periods of time. Neck strain is also another side effect of too much use of technology. By heading out to a camping ground, you get rid of all these, albeit momentarily.
  • Your sleep is better. We are not supposed to go to sleep in the middle of the night. Going to bed too long after the sun sets is not something we are supposed to do according to our natural circadian rhythms. The closer you follow the sun’s natural schedule the better you will sleep.
  • Artificial lighting also makes you sleep poorly and has been linked to some psychological disorders. How about a dose of natural lighting from the sun? When you get away from artificial lighting, you reset your circadian rhythms as well.

Benefits of being outdoors

There are lots of benefits of enjoying the outdoors that you might not have thought of such as the following:

  • Being outside is overall great for you. It reduces depressive symptoms significantly. The longer you are outside, the less depressed you become.
  • It also helps to get rid of obsessive thinking and stewing on problems for too long. When we are home or at work we tend to think of the things that bother us repeatedly. Being outside and away from all of that makes us think of what is really important in our lives and unplugs our minds away from common worries.


  • It increases family bonding. You cannot get the type of experiences with your family in the city or at home that you can get being in natural settings in the camping ground.
  • Socializing and doing activities with other people helps improve your memory. It also extends your life span when you are spending time with other people more than you are alone.

The most obvious benefit: Exercise and the burning of calories

  • When you go camping you are indulging in many healthy activities. Setting up the tent or RV and unloading the vehicle burns a significant amount of calories.
  • Going on a hike can also burn up to 400 calories an hour.
  • Swimming burns up to 300 calories for 45 minutes of moderate activity.
  • Kayaking burns up to 350 calories an hour.
  • Unloading the car: You burn 50 calories for 15 minutes of getting things out of the car. (Statistics based on an adult who is 150 pounds. The more you weigh the more you burn.)