Almost nothing in the world is more fun for kids than a camping trip in the woods. In the adult world the feelings about camping can sometimes be more of a mixed bag – some adults love camping and spending time in the great outdoors, while others would prefer to never leave behind their own bed and the creature comforts of modern life. For kids, it is almost a universal truth: time in the woods is incredible and camping out is even more awesome! Campgrounds like the Saco River Camping Area provide just the space where parents can bond with their kids, have great and affordable fun, and make long lasting memories.

The number one priority on any camping trip with kids is keeping them safe. There are some basic rules, some of them obvious and some of them not, that every parent should go over with their children before they hit the campground.

First, don’t walk around the campground in bare feet. One of the most common injuries suffered by kids is cutting their feet on a sharp rock, pointy root, or even on a bottle cap thrown down by a careless camper. Only take off your shoes if you are in your tent or if you are at an approved place for swimming.

Second, the campground is not a place for excessive horseplay or running. There are campfires, lanterns, and sometimes a nearby road with traffic. All of these things can be hazardous if kids are running around oblivious to their surroundings. Tie down lines for tents also can pose a tripping hazard and should be pointed out to everyone.

Third, never wander away from camp alone. Kids should be warned to always tell an adult exactly where they’re going and what they’re doing and to always take a friend, sibling, or parent with them whenever they leave the campsite.

With these safety tips, your family is sure to enjoy a fun, fantastic, and safe camping experience. At Saco River Camping Area, parents and kids can enjoy the outdoors, camp, cycle, tube, and more!