National Trails Day is June 2nd. It’s a time to celebrate all the work that has gone into building and maintaining the many hiking trails found across the nation. If you have one that you hike frequently, it’s time to pay tribute to the people who labored to make it a part of your community.

The National Trails System Act was established 50 years ago. Federal agencies maintain and protect the land so that new generations can appreciate the beauty Mother Nature laid out for previous generations. There are many ways to observe National Trails Day with some suggestions mentioned below.

Share your love for hiking with others.

Social media makes it possible for you to reach a large audience instantly. Use your favorite websites to share information about the annual initiative. Raise awareness about the continual effort that is being put into caring for and maintaining the nation’s most beautiful hiking trails.

Make it a point to pick up the trash you find while hiking.

Carry a small trash bag folded in your pocket. That way, you can pick up and dispose of any trash that has been left behind on the trail. As with any questionable material, use caution when picking certain items such as broken glass up with your bare hands.

Donate to trail preservation efforts.

When writing your yearly tax-deductible donation checks, don’t forget to send money to the different charities like the American Hiking Society. They will organize trail clean-ups and preservation activities. Your money will go to a good cause. It’s one that you will appreciate each and every time you hike one of the many trails across the country.

Saco River Camping Area appreciates all that you do to keep the Great Outdoors a place of untouched beauty. Anything you do to clean up after yourself and others is commendable. It allows others to enjoy all the scenery you’ve camped in for years.