An outdoor survival kit has a lot to offer a person. It can be customized to meet you and your family’s unique needs. Creating a kit from scratch takes some time and requires a financial investment initially. Once you’ve acquired the things that you need, however, it’s very easy to keep the survival kit fully stocked. When packing for your next trip, make sure that it’s among the first items you put in your backpack or the trunk of your vehicle.

Some of the things you’ll want to include in your outdoor survival kit are:

A way to purify water.

Whether it is iodine tablets or a water filtering straw or pump, you need a way to remove impurities from water. In the event, you run out of bottled water, you need to know that you can survive by drinking water from a nearby stream, river or lake without getting ill.

A way to carry water.

There are a number of ways that you can carry water. You can do it in a canteen, a collapsible bucket, and even a water balloon. When packing up your supplies, make sure that you have at least one of each of the larger items and a few balloons on hand for safekeeping.

Upholstery needles and thread.

If your sleeping bag or tent get a rip in them, how do you plan to fix the items? Are you going to have to cut your camping trip short because of a tear? If you’re prepared, you’ll keep these items on hand so you can mend your gear easily.

These items are in addition to your normal survival kit filled with food, water, medicines, a first aid kit, extra clothes, undergarments, and socks, flint, a small fishing pool, and whatever else is needed to keep your family safe, comfortable, and happy. You can add items as needed and take them out of your kit when they no longer serve you. You’ll also want to create an emergency care kit for your vehicle.

An outdoor survival kit has the potential to save your life. Making sure that it is stocked with the things you need for each camping trip is an absolute necessity. Don’t take a chance by being ill-prepared. Start gathering the supplies that you need before you take your first camping trip of the season.