For some, camping in the great outdoors is an opportunity to get out and escape from the bondage of modern living, to leave behind the cellphones and laptops, to get out of their comfort zone. Camping with only the bare basics can be refreshing and even meditative, however some people prefer to camp more comfortably, with more of the amenities of home life. If you are one of these people, but can’t quite decide what to bring, here is a list of items that will give you some idea of what to take along for a luxurious camping experience.

  1. Air Mattress:

If you are not one who enjoys tossing and turning on a bumpy surface, then an air mattress will be of use to you, especially if you have back pain. Make sure you bring an air mattress that is an appropriate size for your tent, and you are guaranteed a better night’s sleep.

  1. Hammock:

For those of you like to unwind during your camping trip, a hammock will be a convenient item to take. Imagine how luxurious it will be to sit back, relax, and enjoy the scenery with your quality hammock.

  1. Portable Wi-Fi Device:

A portable Wi-Fi device can keep you connected to family and friends (not to mention any important emails or messages.) Though “disconnecting” is oftentimes an appealing aspect of camping, some of us need the option to connect, and a portable Wi-Fi device offers exactly that.

  1. Stovetop Coffee Maker:

For all us quality coffee lovers of the world, instant coffee just doesn’t make the grade. Fortunately, a stovetop coffee maker provides a fun and convenient alternative that can be used over a rustic campfire!

  1. A Fancy Treat:

Last but not least, remember to reward yourself for your effort and hard work in putting together your camping trip. Bring something nice for yourself to snack on while enjoying your unforgettable trip, such as fine chocolate, dried fruit, or an organic juice!

Visiting Saco River Campground

Saco River Campground is the perfect place to unwind from the hustle and bustle of modern life—and our array of camping options can certainly accommodate those who long for a luxury camping experience. If you’re ready to plan your next trip, visit Saco River Campground online today!