If you’ve never camped before, you’ve probably heard advice from many people that have. You’ve heard their suggestions and want to make some adaptations based on your unique needs. After all, camping is a personal experience, right? Rather than make things more complicated than they need to be, you’d like to learn some shortcuts that enhance the quality of your experience fast. These professional tips are newbie-friendly.

Camp like a pro by trying these hacks on for size:

1. Invest in foam floor tiles for your tent.

Buy the type used in kids’ playrooms. It provides additional cushioning and insulation in your tent. Any amount of extra comfort you can bring to your campsite will be welcomed by you and your camping companions.

2. Carry whisked eggs in an empty water bottle.

Bringing a carton of eggs on your camping trip is challenging. Driving any length of distance without breaking them is nearly impossible. That’s why you should crack a dozen eggs pre-trip, whisk them well, and place them in an empty water bottle on ice. You can then use them however you want.

3. Make tin can sandwich bread.

Bread is another difficult item to transport. If you bake it in a tin can, you can travel with it easily without it getting smashed. There are many recipes on the internet that you can use.

4. Use a vegetable peeler to create single use bars of soap.

It’s far less expensive than buying travel bars and there is less waste. Place each sliver between a piece of deli paper to keep it from sticking to another bar.

5. Create a small first aid kit to keep with you always.

An Altoids tin or prescription bottle works well. Each prevents water and other liquids from destroying the contents.

You can be a camping pro in no time after learning some hacks. Ingenuity counts when you’re away from the comforts of home. You’re able to enjoy yourself fully because you’ve done what it takes to make your campsite enjoyable for the duration of your trip.