The camping gear you choose to use year after year helps shape your overall camping experience. When you invest in the best products money can buy, you’re eliminating the stress that comes with dealing with and replacing faulty or subpar quality gear. If you’ve done a lot of camping throughout the years and your gear has served you well, kudos to you for being a patient and informed shopper.

Here are five signs it’s time to replace your camping gear:

1. You’ve patched the item so much that it has weakened its structure.

There is nothing you can do to strengthen the material any longer. One more patch job won’t do the trick because the item is visibly damaged by deterioration.

2. There are missing pieces to the item that are essential for use.

Writing the manufacturer for replacement parts yielded no success. It’s time to retire the item and upgrade to a newer model.

3. It no longer offers protection from the elements.

You’re cold, wet, and miserable because you haven’t yet bought new gear. Comfortability is key when it comes to having a pleasant and memorable camping experience.

4. It looks awful and stands out like a sore thumb.

Even if you don’t care about aesthetics, the people camping around you might. As a service to those you camp with, you want to invest in some new items to take with you to the campground.

5. Trying to repair it takes more time than it is worth.

It costs you a great deal of time to patch and fix the item than it would for you to earn the money to buy a new one. You love having new gear to test so this is the perfect opportunity for you to buy some.

Before camping season is in full effect, it’s important for you to double check your camping gear to make sure it’s in good enough condition to continue using. If your tent, sleeping bag, and camp stove have seen better days, replace them with the highest quality products you can find. See if any warranties or guarantees are offered, and whenever possible, register the items so that you can request repairs and replacements if a company covers such a thing.