If you spend weeks at a time camping, there are some things you can do to the inside of your tent to make it feel more comfortable. By adding some of the things that remind you of home to the interior of your portable shelter, you’re able to enjoy yourself more for longer periods of time. You’ll have everything you need on hand for an enjoyable camping experience.

Here are five ways to make your tent feel like your home away from home:

1. Add lighting to increase visibility.

There are many ways that you can do this but one of the easiest is to include rope lights. They wrap around the outdoor pole structure under the fly and can be lit using a small power pack. It’s a great way to give the tent a warm glow reminiscent of the type you find at home.

2. Put a rug on the floor.

A gorgeous floor covering is a fast and easy way to transform your campsite. Placed inside of your tent, it provides insulation and feels good to sit and even lay down on. Choose a rug that fits the size of your tent. Remember that the bigger the floor is, the larger the rug you can use.

3. Invest in inflatable furniture.

Easy to use and move, this is something to consider adding to your tent if you already haven’t. Inflatable furniture adds an extra layer of comfort. You’ll find beds, chairs, side tables, ottomans, and more. If you’re planning on camping long-term, you don’t want to be without at least a few pieces of furniture.

4. Come up with a dedicated floor plan.

Set things up the way that you would at home. Have spaces to change, sleep, and relax. If you have a large tent with multiple rooms, everyone camping with you can have their own space.

5. Keep things neat and orderly.

By doing so, you feel much happier ‘roughing it’ than you would when things are dirty and disorganized. You’ll be able to find what you’re looking for easier and spend less time in discomfort because you tracked dirt or mud into your nice clean tent.

You don’t need to rough it to enjoy the experience of camping. You also don’t need to ‘glamp’ to experience heightened levels of comfortability. With the right touches, you can make your tent feel like your home away from home.