Transcendentalist Henry David Thoreau penned Walden in 1854 after living a period of two years, two months, and two days of solitude in a cabin he built. The location was on Walden Pond near Concord, Massachusetts which remains a popular tourist attraction visited by people from all around the world.

Walden is packed full of insight about the peace that comes with living in the wild and adopting a simpler lifestyle. Thoreau has inspired many modern movements where people spend less money and do more of the things they enjoy such as spending quality time in nature.

Here are four lessons from Thoreau that every outdoor enthusiast should know:

1. There are four necessities in life.

The author stated that they are food, shelter, clothing, and fuel. Fuel was necessary for heat during that time.

2. Self-sufficiency is a very good thing.

Being able to depend on one’s self is essential for simple living. Thoreau possessed many special skills that made his adventure easier. If you plan to camp long-term, it’s good to know how to make simple repairs to your tent and clothing, how to create nutritious and filling meals on a dime, and to keep yourself healthy, happy, and entertained.

3. Inspiration can be found in books.

To think that he would one day write a book that inspired others is profound. Thoreau believed in reading and really enjoyed books written by world travelers. Soak up knowledge every chance you get. It enhances your experience outdoors.

4. Solitude is invigorating.

It’s great to have companionship but it’s also wonderful to be alone. You don’t need a partner to camp. You can engage in many outdoor activities by yourself if you make safety a priority.

Thoreau remains an influential figure in history to date. His contributions to the literary world are outstanding. His insider view of what it was like to live off the land and in solitude has inspired many people to live off-grid today.