A well-planned camping trip helps you avoid the unexpected. Rather than let the unpredictable dictate the outcome of your experience, you’re ready to tackle the situation head-on with an alternative plan. You’re able to have a good time no matter what takes place with some advanced planning.

Here are four things you need to double check before going on a camping trip:

1. Your campsite reservation.

You don’t want to arrive at the campgrounds only to find out that there isn’t space for you to camp. Call at least one week in advance to make sure that your reservation hasn’t changed. Use this time to ask the campground representative last-minute questions that help you prepare for your trip.

2. Your vehicle’s fluid levels and air pressure.

If you plan on driving to the campgrounds, you’ll want to make sure your vehicle drives well with no issues. Taking it in to have it diagnosed, the fluids topped off, the oil changed, and the tires rotated is a sound move because it ensures that your automobile is in good working order at the start of your trip.

3. Your first aid kit.

An important tool to have with you while you travel and camp, you’ll want to make sure that your kit is fully stocked with the items you may need while away from home. Take time to inventory the contents of your first aid kit and to replace any items that are missing or expired.

4. Your tent and gear.

You’ll want to make sure that your tent is in good shape before camping in it once again. Patch up any visible holes and add another layer of waterproofing solution to it. Make sure zippers work and that poles aren’t bent or missing. You’ll want to make sure that your sleeping bags are free of mildew, can zip and unzip with little effort, and are free from rips and tears.

Now that you’re better prepared for what may come, you’ll be better able to enjoy your camping trip. You’ll have a backup plan in place in the event something does go wrong. You won’t have your time ruined because things didn’t go as planned. In fact, you may find that you enjoy yourself more due to the changes in your schedule.