Want to make your summer camping trip a little more exciting?

How about incorporating that unique and delectable recipe that you have been planning to try out. Summer camping trips are for adventures and that also means moving beyond the comfort zone and trying out some culinary adventures. Here are some fun recipes that you can try out when going out camping next summer. Please note that all these recipes can easily be prepared over campfire or on your camping stove!


This is a delicious recipe that is also very easy to prepare over a campfire.  Make all the necessary preparations before heading out to the campsite such as chopping the peppers and the onions. Once you are on the camping grounds, you can simply thread the meat and then cook it for a delicious camp meal!

Popcorn satchels

A family favorite! This is a very delicious snack that you can prepare during your camping trip easily and quickly. You can even add some seasoning in order to add some extra flavor.

Grilled sausages along with veggies

This is a nutritious and delicious summer camping recipe that is also fairly easy to make. You will need ingredients such as quartered red potatoes, fresh green beans that have been halved or trimmed, sliced onions, smoked sausages, salt, pepper and vegetable oil. These should be preheated in an outdoor grill. On a campsite, you can put them in an aluminum foil, sprinkle some water and seasoning and cook for about 30 minutes.

Camping Macaroni and Cheese

You can prepare the macaroni and cheese in advance and then heat it up later using aluminum foil over your camping fire.

Dutch oven lasagna

Who doesn’t love lasagna!? This hot and savory meal can be prepared and cooked right on your campground.  A family favorite for years!

Camping breakfast potatoes 

Aside from potatoes, you can use various other ingredients to make this side dish extra yummy.  Examples: chopped onions, butter or margarine, bell peppers, seasoned salt, garlic powder and smoked paprika.

Beer pancakes

You will need some light lagers such as Heineken or Budweiser for this fun recipe. The mixture can be cooked with medium heat over your camp fire/ stove.

If you are planning to rough it out in the outdoors during the summers, then it only makes sense to “soften” the experience by treating yourself to some hearty meals. Try out any of these recipes and you will not be disappointed.  Let us know how they go!  Share pictures on our Facebook page here.