No matter how much planning you do in advance, you inevitably forget something while camping. That’s where ingenuity counts. By repurposing the items you have on hand, you avoid having to leave your campsite to buy new things. You avoid making an extra trip to the store and spending more of your camping budget.

Here are some genius ways to repurpose items on your camping trip:

A Makeshift Lantern.

Strap a head lamp to a jug of water to create a light that you can turn on, off, and up whenever needed. The bigger the jug, the more illuminated your tent will be. This is a great way to sneak a little reading in before hitting the hay.

Tin Can Bread.

Easy to bake on a camp stove or solar oven, the bread is baked inside a tin can for a unique shape and portability. You can bake regular sandwich bread or fruit and nut breads such as banana and walnut bread or cranberry bread. It’s a welcome treat after several days of camping.

Tic Tac Spice Shakers.

Store spices in old Tic Tac containers. They’re lidded, small, and can be labeled easily. That way, if you don’t want to carry a large amount of spices to cook with on your next camping trip, you don’t have to.

A Handwashing Station.

Using an empty detergent bottle with a spout, fill it full of water, attach a roll of paper towels to it with a strong wire hanger, and have a way to keep hands clean and sanitary without having to go back and forth to the camp’s bathroom.

Eliminate your need for extra camping gear and supplies by being creative. There are many ways to reuse what you already have. With a little planning, you, too, can repurpose everyday items into something new and extremely useful.