Campgrounds during peak season can be very crowded. That’s why it’s important for you to know how to deal with big groups of people successfully. Being able to maintain a sense of privacy is key as it heightens safety and allows you to do what you set out to do, relax, and enjoy nature. It’s yet another step to securing your picture-perfect camping trip.

Here are some of the ways that you can maintain privacy at a crowded campground:

1. Invest in privacy tents.

Easy to use because they “pop-up,” the temporary shelters give you space to shower and change when you don’t want to do it in a public restroom. Even if you’re paying for a campsite and its amenities, you may find that the showers are full during peak hours of the day. Having a second option available allows you to cool off as well as stay clean and comfortable all day.

2. Be cautious about who you divulge personal information to.

Introduce yourself to campground hosts, employees, and owners so you’re familiar with them. Only talk to people you feel comfortable around. There is a distinct difference between being polite and being friendly. Meeting someone that you connect with is very different than meeting someone who you’d prefer to stay your distance from. If you see or hear something that causes you to worry, tell the proper authorities so they can deal with the issue directly.

No matter how many people are camping around you, there are ways for you to maintain privacy. By following the suggestions listed above, you’re able to ignore the crowd in favor of having a thoroughly enjoyable experience with your family and friends. You’ll have a wonderful time in the Great Outdoors doing the things you’ve waited all year to do.