Personal hygiene is something that many people prioritize while camping. If they look and feel clean, they’re more apt to enjoy the experience as a whole. If they’re wet, cold, and dirty, they’ll likely feel negatively about the time they spent at a campground.

With summer fast approaching, temperatures are on the rise. Staying cool while spending a great deal of time outdoors takes practice. With a little preparation, however, you’ll be able to enjoy camping more from this day forward.

Here’s what you need to do to keep your cool while camping this summer:

1. Keep moist towelettes on hand at all times.

It doesn’t even matter if they’re baby wipes, the point is that they’re wet and can take care of the dirt and grime that comes with camping outdoors. Make sure to keep them sealed so they don’t dry up before using them.

2. Bring extra undergarments.

You don’t want to get stuck wearing wet underwear, bra, undershirt or socks. That’s why you should make enough space in your rucksack for these items. They are as important as the food that you carry. When you’re clean and dry, your morale stays high which allows you to enjoy the experience more.

3. Shower regularly.

Even if you don’t have access to public showers at the campground you’re staying at, you can purchase a solar shower and hang it from a tree. Wear your bathing suit and wash up using biodegradable cleansing products. Wafer-like sheets of soap are perfect for camping because they’re lightweight and come in a waterproof container.

Don’t let a rise in temperature sour your mood. Camping is an incredible experience that brings you closer to your family and nature. Make it a trip that everyone remembers by staying on top of the weather.

Packing a few extra items with you that add comfort to your campsite is highly recommended. It helps you stay dry and cool no matter what the conditions may be outdoors. It buys you time by giving you a reason to camp longer and longer each time you go away for a trip.