Camping is great. You get a break from your busy life in the city or suburbs to hike, swim, and sit back taking everything in. However, if you have kids, sitting around doing nothing at all may not be on the to-do list. For the days when you don’t want to get up and go, here are some crafts to keep your kids entertained.

Twig Boats

Have your kids go collect small twigs from around your campsite. After they do, have them set the twigs side by side, and have some twine handy so that they can secure all of the twigs together as a raft. An extra twig and a leaf can work great as a mast and a sail, with a little glue to make sure everything is secure. Then, take your kids down to the river, or a small stream and let them race their boats. Make sure that someone is downstream to catch the boats before they float off for good. The twig boats make cool souvenirs, and the glue and strings aren’t exactly eco-friendly, so you don’t want to leave them out.

Grass Paint Brushes

If your kids are itching to paint, they should try making their own brushes as well. With a stick, masking tape, and grass or leaves, they can fashion natural paintbrushes that will each have their own unique stroke to them. Encourage them to experiment with different materials for the brush so that they can see what different designs can be created.

Acorn Necklaces

If your kids are looking for a more functional craft, they can try making their own acorn necklaces. All you’ll need are acorns, string, glue, and some paint. As far as the designs your kids can paint go, the sky’s the limit. Funny faces, abstract patterns, really anything they want on their acorn. Then, you can remove the cap of the acorn, and secure it back with glue once the “chain” for the necklace is placed. This is another great souvenir that your kids will love to wear.

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