Summer has wound down to an end, and fall is upon us. And though there are certainly more than a few cold weather camping enthusiasts out there, the truth is that for most of us October marks a definitive end to the camping season.

If you don’t plan on breaking out the tent this winter, then you owe it to yourself to protect the camping gear you have invested in by taking some time and effort to ensure proper winter storage. Here are five simple steps for achieving exactly that!

1. Clean.

Using a brush and/or a damp rag, thoroughly clean all surfaces of your tent, along with any other camping equipment that you will be putting into storage. In the event that mud or other foreign substances have caked onto these surfaces, a gentle soap or cleaning product may be used.

 2. Dry.

Ensuring that all camping gear is completely dry before storing is a crucial step for preventing mold, corrosion, and other forms of moisture-related damage. Here are three drying techniques that you can use alone or in conjunction:

  • Blot equipment with a dry cloth.
  • Hang items up outdoors, especially on warm and/or windy days.
  • Spread your tent and other gear out on the floor of the garage if all else fails — even this will be preferable to leaving it bunched up and damp when it comes to preventing mold.

3. Repair.

The cleaning and drying processes offer an added benefit: as you perform these tasks, you are bound to notice any and all damage that has occurred over the course of the past summer of camping and usage. Take this opportunity to patch any holes, seal any cracks, and replace any damaged parts in your tent and other camping accessories.

 4. Proof.

Waterproofing agents should be applied to your tent at least once per year — and let’s face it, this is probably the cleanest and driest that your tent ever gets. Take advantage of this opportunity and save yourself trouble down the road.

5. Store.

Now, you are finally ready to put your gear into storage. Be sure to pack loosely and store in an area that is dry, dark, cool, and clean!


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