In our technologically connected world where everything is only a button press away, camping offers a novel way to disconnect yourself from it all and experience the wonderful and rejuvenating power of nature. It offers a perfect opportunity that you can use to spend some quality time with both friends and family. However, perfect camping trips don’t just happen. You have to plan out every detail so as to ensure that everything goes smoothly as expected.

Here are some tips on planning that perfect summer camping trip to Saco River:

Location matters

The location of the camping site is one of the most critical factors to making your trip perfect. Depending on where you choose, it could either go really well or very badly. Before you embark on your camping trip, take time to do a little legwork to determine the suitability of the camping site. It is advisable to choose a camping location that can assure you of great views as well as good access to all the amenities that you will require. Check reviews to see if the camping site is well protected and well-maintained. You certainly don’t want your precious time bonding in natural surroundings being ruined by some nasty experiences. If you are traveling with family or in groups, you need to choose a camping ground that will work best for your camping party.

Have all your camping supplies

You will need various kinds of supplies during your camping trip so it is important to draw up a list in advance of all the things that you will require. Carry plenty of water, headlights, a camping stove, some basic first aid kits, toothbrush and toothpaste, hiking boots, toiletries, and insect repellants amongst others. If you suffer from a medical condition, do not forget to carry your prescription medication.

Pre-plan your activities

Don’t be spontaneous when it comes to the kinds of activity that you plan to partake on your camping trip. You have to make plans and decide on those activities that you want to enjoy with your loved ones or the camping party.

You are not just going to spend time lying on the ground and watching nature. There are lots of other outdoor activities that you can immerse yourself in and make the most of your trip such as fishing, trail-walking, kayaking and many others. Take time to decide beforehand on the activities that you plan to indulge in.

Have the right camping gear

Make sure to choose a tent that is easy to set up and also has lots of ventilation. The last thing that you want is a tent that is going to take you an eternity to set up. It is also nice to have a good sleeping bag. You may not need the winter-level coziness but at the very least it should be comfortable.

Summer camping is not about having a stripped-out no-frills outdoor experience. With proper planning and attitude, you can turn your summer camping into something that you can always look forward to every year!