One of the most gratifying get-togethers a person can have with friends is in the Great Outdoors. It’s among the most exciting environments because all sorts of activities can take place while camping. If you want to get away for a few days with your besties in tow, pack up a couple of tents, your lawn chairs, and some fishing poles, and enjoy a quieter, more serene mini vacation.

Here is how to plan a camping weekend with friends:

1. Pick a date.

Choose when you want to meet. Set the date and decide the length of the stay.

2. Select who to invite.

Pick a few friends to tag along with you. If you’re camping with kids, invite parents with children around the same age as your own. That way everyone has someone to talk to.

3. Create a Facebook group to share ideas and to finalize plans.

The private group lets you ask questions, decide who is bringing what, and put the finishing touches on your camping trip.

4. Decide what everyone will eat.

Come up with a few recipes that everyone will enjoy and can be cooked in large quantities. That way everyone goes to bed with a full belly.

5. Check your camping gear to make sure it’s in good shape.

You don’t want to discover too late that you had a hole in your tent that needed to be patched or that your camp stove no longer works. Test everything out to make sure it is in good working order before you set off on your adventure.

A weekend outing with friends is always a lot of fun. It’s even more exciting when it’s done in a serene outdoor setting such as Saco River Camping Area. Enjoying nature and all its beautiful bounties is easy in the heart of Mount Washington Valley. Not only is there plenty of things to do around camp, there are exciting things to do within walking distance of the campground.