For the unprepared, rainy weather can really put a damper on what would have been a perfect camping trip. Thankfully, for those who plan ahead, camping can still be a blast, even when Mother Nature is less than cooperative. Here are 6 tips for camping in the rain.


  1. Always Check the Forecast.

    A simple rule that can save you a lot of trouble. Checking the forecast can help you plan ahead for potentially inconvenient situations while avoiding situations that could be potentially dangerous.

  2. Bring Coverage.

    Always bring the materials you will need to stay dry: most importantly, a tent cover and an umbrella!

  3. Plastic bags can keep the not-so-waterproof safe.

    From food to sensitive electronics and everything between: there are going to be items that you want to keep dry. Bringing plastic bags can help.

  4. Bring extra clothes.

    This is the best way to stay comfortable and dry regardless of the weather. Don’t be shy about changing when you clothes become damp, either–even a bit of wetness can weaken your immune system and put you at risk of getting sick!

  5. Hike with caution.

    During rainy days, many hiking trails can become slippery, muddy, or otherwise perilous, so always practice extra caution. It is always best to hike in groups, and to leave a rough itinerary of your venture with someone who is staying back in camp!

  6. Air dry any materials that get wet.

    Once again, this is for your health as well as your comfort: items left damp for even a day or two can quickly develop dangerous mold growths.


Plan your next camping trip! (Hopefully for a weekend with some lovely weather!) Visit Saco River Camping Area online to see our facilities, plan your trip, and turn the outdoor adventure you’ve been dreaming of into a reality!