There are many factors to consider when planning a family camping trip. In addition to the duration and location of the excursion, you also have to account for who is traveling with you, what items each person specifically needs, and also what you’ll do if the weather gets bad. This is especially important if you camp in a tent.

Don’t let the rainy weather affect your mood. Plan for some indoor activities. Here are a few for you to consider when the conditions outdoors are less than satisfactory:

Play Cards.

A single deck of cards provides hours of entertainment. Learn the rules of several simple card games and spend time teaching them to your kids. You’ll be surprised how something that costs a dollar or less provides plenty of excitement throughout your trip.

Read a Book Out Loud.

Choose a book that everyone will enjoy. Take turns reading a chapter out loud. This gives young children the opportunity to sound out difficult words. It lets older children practice their storytelling capabilities.

Give Everyone a Pen and Pad of Paper.

Ask them to write different parts of a story. Assign one person the beginning, another person the middle, another person the character names, and the last person the ending. Have the person who comes up with the character names to go first so that everyone else can insert them into their part of the story. When everyone is finished writing, ask them to read what they’ve written and laugh at how the story comes together.

A rainy day poses as a challenge but one that can be overcome with the right attitude. Prepare in advance for unpredictable weather, and you’ll never be caught by surprise. You’ll still enjoy every minute of your camping trip even if you don’t get to spend as much time as you wanted to outdoors.