Many people make the mistake of believing that a camping trip automatically entails poor sleep. This is a real shame, because this belief understandably discourages many people from pursuing a camping trip in the first place. Sleep is vital for our health, alertness, and enjoyment of life–and there is no reason to sleep poorly, even when “roughing it” in the great outdoors. Below, you will find a few insightful tips that will help you catch plenty of Z’s, no matter where you may be camping.

Before you leave home

Here are a few items that you should pack before leaving for your next camping trip.

Sleeping bag.

  • More precisely, a season-appropriate sleeping bag. Bringing an enormous sleeping bag designed for sub-zero temperatures is a surefire way of sweating through a sleepless summer night–and bringing a light summertime sleeping bag in cold weather would be equally as foolish.


  • No one likes sleeping right on the hard ground. Bring some form of support in order to ensure a more restful experience. Depending on your preference, this could be as minimalistic as a small blanket or foam pad, or as luxurious as an inflatable mattress.

Inflatable Pillows.

  • This is the best way to bring the head and neck support you need without filling up all your storage space.

Eye mask and/or ear plugs.

  • These make a big difference for those hoping to sleep in.

Before going to bed

Here are a few simple steps to take before going to sleep.


  • Make sure that you have a lightsource nearby in case you need to get up.


  • Go even if you don’t have to “go!” It could save you a trip in the night.

Food and water.

  • Keep water nearby, but not food–this could attract ants!

Stick to your routines.

  • Brush your teeth, read a little, and follow through with all of your normal pre-sleep habits.

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