Camping with babies could be a challenge.  In fact, many think of it as an impossible task.  We’re here to tell you otherwise!  If prepared with the essentials for traveling with a little one, your camping trip will be one for the books!

Here are some tips and essentials to bring along with you on your next big trip to Saco River Camping Area:

  • Diapers with tons of extra wipes. You will need these for everything from wiping off dishes to cleaning off eating areas and (of course) the obvious uses.
  • Bug spray, sunscreen, baby hat and sunglasses. These four are all essentials.  It’s a must to keep baby protected from the harsh sun.
  • Extra pacifiers if your baby uses them. Binkys get lost, so make sure to pack some extras!
  • Favorite lovie, blanket, toys and stuffed animals. Bring toys that can get cleaned/ sterilized after the trip easily.
  • Extra blankets is a must for those chilly nights by the fire.
  • Don’t over pack clothes but bring easy to dress onesies, layers for warmth, sundresses, sweatpants and easy pull-on pants.
  • Formula or pre-pumped milk with a cooler filled with ice all the way up. The ice will last you the weekend if you fill it to the brim. You can also tag along vegetables, fruits, juices and plenty of bottles of water.
  • Crackers and easy to give snacks if you have a toddler or easily squeezable single feed meals work wonders on a campsite.
  • An easily foldable playpen, stroller and or carrier.

Things you may forget that aren’t as obvious:

  • A flashlight will come handy as it is not easy to handle a loaded diaper in the dark.
  • Camping stove, kettle and a washing and boiling station to keep things sanitary, especially those bottles!
  • First aid kit with plenty of band aids, antibiotic cream, scissors, baby Tylenol, Benadryl in emergencies for older toddlers, allergy cream and contact numbers for your child’s pediatrician.
  • Bathing suits and floatation devices.
  • Entertainment for the car like a back seat DVD player.

Don’t shy away from camping just because you think your little bundle is too little.  A trip to Saco River is just what the family needs to create those life-long memories!  Interested in booking your next stay?  Click here and use our online reservation system.  See you on the river!