Winter Camping

Tips for winter Camping

Camping is usually considered a warmer-weather activity, but camping during the winter months is a great way to enjoy the outdoors, provided you are prepared.  Camping in the winter offers a completely different experience as campgrounds are quiet, trees are bare, and lakes and rivers are frozen, which makes for a peaceful and beautiful atmosphere.

Choose your Camping Spot Wisely

If you will be camping outdoors in a cold climate, pack down snow before setting up or use a bed of balsam boughs to lay on the ground under the tent.  If you do not enjoy sleeping in the snow or do not like the cold, it might be best to choose a location that also offers indoor accommodations such as cabins.

Check the Weather

It is very important to check the weather forecast before leaving for your camping trip as winter storms are sometimes unexpected.  Camping in a winter storm can be dangerous.  While it is disappointing to cancel plans, it is safer to reschedule for a weekend with better weather.

Wear the Right Clothing

You will need to pack thermal underwear, wool socks, boots, hat, gloves, and a warm jacket.  Bringing an extra pair of gloves is always a good idea in case one gets lost or they get wet.  Wearing layers helps to regulate your body temperature and helps keep you warm in extremely cold weather.

Pack Winter Camping Equipment

To be able to enjoy winter camping, you need the proper equipment.  Choose a sleeping bag that is rated for the temperature of your destination.  If you heat your sleeping bag before you go to bed with a hot water bottle, getting into it will be much more enjoyable.  A 4-season tent is also important to have in very cold temperatures.

Bring Pre-made Food

A campfire will help keep you warm and make cooking easier in the cold weather.  Soups and stews are easy to heat up and are hearty enough to fill you up.  Click here for a great and super easy Beef Stew recipe to try the next time you visit Saco River Camping Area.

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