If you like the idea of camping but aren’t ready to give up your high thread count sheets, there are compromises to be made. You can make your experience feel a lot more luxurious than it sounds by being mindful of the planning process. Before you set out for your campsite, you’ll want to do some things that add to your comfort while spending a few days in the Great Outdoors.

Here are some ways to make your camping experience a little more glamorous:

  • Make Comfort a Priority.

    Bring along things that enhance your stay at Saco River Camping Area. For example, you can bring a hammock and a silk sleeping-bag liner with you for days and nights of restful slumber. A cooler on wheels allows you to eat your favorite cold food and store the foods you want to cook on the grill later. Don’t discount the value of good music. Bring a tablet or MP3 player and a Bluetooth speaker so you can rock out while you camp out.

  • Be Mindful of the Moment.

    Take a moment to breathe in the fresh air, savor the taste of your campfire cooked food, and feel the cool breeze blow through the trees near your campsite. Bring along a traveler’s journal with you to write down the highlights of your trip so you can expand upon the experience later on.

  • Turn It Into a Nature Photo Shoot.

    Bring along your camera equipment and have an impromptu photo shoot. Post your pictures to Facebook and Instagram. You can even create your own glamorous hashtag to accompany them. Find ways to be creative with your shots and show others what they’re missing by not camping regularly.

You don’t need to own a RV or camper to enjoy the benefits of ‘glamping’. Instead, adopt some practices that make camping feel like a stay at a luxury bed and breakfast. Instead of staring at the ceiling of your room, you get to sleep under a star-filled sky. The trade-off is revolutionary.