Whether you are a seasoned veteran or an enthusiastic newbie, laser tag is an adrenaline-pumping activity that is sure to bring out your competitive side. Here are a few time-tested strategies that can help you play like a pro!

Clothing Matters.

Though you don’t need to wear full-blown camo gear, opting for darker clothing will help make you a little harder to spot — and thus a little harder to hit. Wearing good shoes is also a bonus, as you will be running a lot. (At the very least, skip the sandals and the high heels!)

Understand the Importance of Movement.

Especially when you are directly confronting an enemy, movement is your best friend. It is a lot tougher to hit a moving target that one that is standing dead still.

Try Camping Out.

Though you should definitely keep in motion during a confrontation, some laser tag enthusiasts also employ a strategy known as camping out. This means staying still in hard-to-spot location that offers lots of cover, waiting for an unsuspecting laser tagger to stumble into your sights.

Scout your Environment.

Get to know the laser tag arena as quickly as possible, and you will have an important tactical advantage over your less savvy opponents.

Just Keep Shooting.

Video games, movies, and arcades have conditioned most of us to shoot sparingly in order to conserve ammunition — but in most laser tag games, unlimited ammo is the norm. This means you have nothing to lose by shooting as often as you would like, and you might just get an extra hit or two!

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