Say you want to camp longer than the week you normally give yourself to do so but it’s not financially possible without some kind of work to do. If you don’t have the kind of job that allows for long-term travel, what options do you have for making money? Can you legitimately earn enough income to help you pay for your spot at the campground, restock your supplies, and buy whatever else you need along the way?

The answer is “Yes, you can!” You’re not the first person to explore the idea of long-term camping or living on the road. There are many people that do it and make the money that they need to move onto their next destination with ease. All you need is some creativity, a computer or tablet, and an internet connection.

Saco River Camping Area offers free WIFI service throughout most of our property, but it doesn’t get the same speeds you get at home. You can always purchase your own mobile hotspot but keep in mind that there are many trees on the property that can weaken signals. Still, if you’re ambitious enough, there are many things you can do online to fund your long-term camping experience.

For example, you can explore being a freelance writer or graphic designer if you have the experience. Both jobs are in high demand as new businesses are being launched with rapid speed. You can get your start working for a new start-up, and the nice thing is that because it’s freelance, you won’t be required to be connected to the internet the entire time you work.

You can save the data on your wireless device’s plan for the times when you need to ask your client a question, submit the work you’ve completed or check your email. You can even have the money that you’ve earned direct deposited to your PayPal account which can be linked to your bank account. Spending your funds is easy because you have access to a debit card that can be loaded with them.

Working from the road is not for everyone but for the people who want to explore the option, there is money to be made. If you want a job that’s flexible, try freelancing. You set your own hours, dictate how much you want to get paid, and can work from anywhere including Saco River Camping Area with nature as your backdrop