One thing that can be very unpredictable about camping is the weather. On occasion, it creeps up on you with little warning. Being prepared for a weather emergency helps you avoid any mishaps that could occur during your trip. Protecting your campsite and its occupants tops the list of priorities for you which is why a little preparation in advance goes a long way.

Here is what you need to do if there is a weather emergency while you’re camping:

1. Invest in waterproof gear.

If they were to take a beating in a rainstorm, they wouldn’t be so wet that you couldn’t use them. Although it may be a greater cost initially, waterproof gear is worth every penny that you spend on it.

2. Know where the closest shelter is. 

A vehicle is among the best temporary shelters available in a downpour. Remember, however, that it’s better to find a place to go that is indoors and reinforced by strong materials that withstand hard rain and large wind gusts. If you’re not familiar with the emergency shelter options at the campground you’re staying at, it’s time to ask someone in charge where to go.

3. Gather up your family and pets and take cover.

When things get bad outdoors, seek shelter immediately. It’s important to protect your loved ones first and belongings second. Make sure that everyone knows of the emergency plan once you’ve determined what that will be. Gather up your pets, so none get left behind.

4. Dry wet items immediately.

Following a rainstorm, it’s important to make sure that the things that need to dry out have an opportunity to do so. That way, they don’t become mildewy nor do they cause discomfort for you or your family members for the rest of your camping trip.

Bad weather requires you to act quickly. The tips listed above give you guidance when it comes to protecting you and your family from danger and discomfort. You’ll be able to take the proper protocols to secure your belongings, too, so you’re not stuck without them.