a woman sleeping on a hammock in the forest
By Sabrena Sasso / March 19, 2018

Are You Up for These Extreme Camping Experiences?

If camping off the side of a mountain sounds like fun to you, you’re the perfect person for extreme camping....

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a woman with her arms raised in the middle of an open field on a trail
By Sabrena Sasso / March 12, 2018

Four Lessons from Thoreau That Every Outdoor Enthusiast Should Know

Transcendentalist Henry David Thoreau penned Walden in 1854 after living a period of two years, two months, and two days...

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a tent setup with no one inside and cooking supplies outside
By Sabrena Sasso / March 5, 2018

Five Professional Camping Hacks to Try Today

If you’ve never camped before, you’ve probably heard advice from many people that have. You’ve heard their suggestions and want...

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a woman on her laptop in front a tent in the outdoors
By Sabrena Sasso / February 26, 2018

How to Keep Your Items Charged While Tent Camping

In today’s technology-driven world, it’s hard to be without an electronic gadget. At a minimum, you have your phone with...

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a blank two page notebook on a table staged with camping equipment
By Sabrena Sasso / February 19, 2018

Four Things You Need to Double Check Before Going on a Camping Trip

A well-planned camping trip helps you avoid the unexpected. Rather than let the unpredictable dictate the outcome of your experience,...

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picture of feet from inside a tent with the door open
By Sabrena Sasso / February 12, 2018

Making the Inside of Your Tent More Comfortable for Long-Term Camping

If you’re planning on camping long-term, you can make the experience better for yourself with some advanced planning. By making...

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a woman drinking a beverage with her dog by a campfire
By Sabrena Sasso / February 5, 2018

Tips for Keeping Your Dogs Safe While You’re Camping

Camping with family and friends is a wonderful experience. What if no one is available to camp when you want...

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two kids with balloons walking through a field
By Sabrena Sasso / January 29, 2018

How to Celebrate Your Birthday While Camping

If you’re trying to come up with things to do for your birthday, don’t discount camping. It’s fun, relaxing, and...

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three people hiking with backpacks on through the woods
By Sabrena Sasso / January 22, 2018

Five Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Camping Gear

The camping gear you choose to use year after year helps shape your overall camping experience. When you invest in...

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a person relaxing outside near a tent with their hands clasped behind their head
By Sabrena Sasso / January 15, 2018

What to Do During Your Downtime While Camping

There are many things you can do while camping. Having a busy schedule ensures that you make the most of...

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