Due to the current Covid-19 pandemic, the world is currently at a standstill. While this has been a blow to everyone globally, it is more punishing to people who love the outdoors, such as avid campers. If you are one, we feel your pain. There’s no doubt you’ve missed setting camp at beautiful campsites, stargazing […]

Covid-19 has seen people canceling plans. If you had planned a camping trip, you have to push it forward. However, it could be a blessing in disguise since you can use this period to hone your camping skills. That way, when the time comes, and you can go camping, you’ll have an easy time. Here […]

Camping gives you and your family a chance to meditate and get lost in your thoughts. Through meditation, you can quickly identify what makes you happy and therefore determine your talents. However, you might have been forced to terminate your camping plans until Covid-19 is no longer a threat. Since the kids are at home, […]

Spring is almost here again. Before it’s finally here, consider getting your camping gear ready as there’s no better time to be out in nature than during this season. Why? Well, first, as the transitional period to summer, spring has more moderate temperatures, which makes camping more comfortable.  Moreover, the birds come back, the flowers […]

Unplugging from the daily grind once in a while through camping feels good. You have so much time to engage in your hobbies as well as try out new activities. Camping and camping equipment are rich in history and have continued to evolve, making the activity more enjoyable. With a lot of time at your […]

Camping has, over the years, changed from being considered as a low-end type of vacation to something everyone wants to indulge in. Now, imagine putting your efforts towards finding the best camping site, getting every kind of supply that you need, then all that going to the drain because you did a thing or two […]

Camping can be a fun and rewarding experience for people of all ages – from young couples enjoying a weekend getaway to old friends meeting up for a few days of relaxation. As we see first hand here at Saco River Camping Area, the majority of casual campers are families. Spending time with your kids […]