While camping means different things for different people, the basic idea involves leaving the comfort of your home behind and setting up a tent somewhere in nature. The beauty of a tent is that it’s easy to set up, can be set up anywhere, and is super portable. 

The ugly? Not everyone is cut out for it. When on a camping trip, some people are usually on the quest to quench their thirst for adventure, and sleeping in a tent, is no longer that exciting. If you’re among these people, we got you. Below we explore some alternative ways to enjoy the great outdoors on your next camping trip without actually sleeping in a tent.


  • Rooftop Tent 


If you hate the idea of sleeping on the ground because you can’t help but feel vulnerable even when you are in a safe camping ground, then you might love rooftop tent camping.

A rooftop tent is designed to mount directly to the rack or the bars of your car. It is incredibly easy to set up, and depending on how handy you are, it can even take you less than a minute. Rooftop tents often come with a pre-installed thick foam sleeping pad, so it not only saves you on space but also means you don’t have to worry about buying a camping mattress. The sleeping area can accommodate two people and you get to sleep comfortably without stressing about predators or critters since you’ll be off the ground.


  • Car Camping 


Still not buying the idea of sleeping in a tent? Then car camping and all the ideas below might be for you. Car camping is precisely as it sounds. You pack all the things you feel you may need, drive to the best location and simply start your expedition.

It is more fun if you do it with your partner or as a group of people, each person with their car. However, for it to be enjoyable, you need a car with folding seats so you can get room to lay your sleeping pad. In respect to that, most hatchback cars are often perfect.


  • Ever Heard of RVing?


If you are a regular camper, then your answer to the above question is probably yes. To put it simply, an RV is like a mobile home. It has pretty much of everything you may need from a bed to a bathroom. Moreover, it allows you to cover more ground. So, if you like being in nature and seeing many different places while at the same time enjoying the comforts of a home, it’s the perfect fit for you. 


  • Get Yourself a Good Hammock


If your dream camping experience is to fall asleep suspended somewhere far from civilization while watching the stars miles, then you should ditch your tent for a hammock.  The best bit about hammock camping over any other form of camping is you don’t have to stress about finding a flat or dry ground. Just find two stable surfaces where you can attach your hammock and you’re good to go. Also, similar to tents, hammocks are exceptionally lightweight and easy on your budget. 

Regardless of how prepared you’re for your next camping trip, you won’t have the expected experience if you choose the wrong camping ground. Make a reservation at Saco River Camping Area that’s located at the heart of Mount Washington Valley to enjoy that peaceful camping experience in a nature-filled setting with numerous onsite things to do.