More than 19,000 people have lost their lives to the novel CoronaVirus. Therefore, the message being sent globally is staying home, to stay safe. Let’s be real, sometimes we run out of indoor activities. You are probably wondering how to make the stay home enjoyable. And since outdoor camping is not an option, have you tried indoor camping? Here are a few tips for an excellent experience.


  1. Setting up the Tent

The tent is like a camping trademark. A pup tent would come in handy. But don’t worry if you don’t have one. You can still use some chairs (at least four) and light cloth. Although you can use a blanket too, the weight might bring the tent down in the middle of camping time. You can add more chairs to make the tent more stable. Preferably, go for seats with high backs.


  1. Set the Mood

You want this to feel real, especially for the kids. Therefore, make sure everything looks like it would on a real camp. To start with, fix the perfect lighting. To achieve the ideal night mood, you can use a lantern with a candle inside. Better still, you can use a dimmer switch, and set it low. Since you can’t set a campfire in the house, use some logs and colored tissue. The colored tissue stands in for the flames.


  1. S’Mores

S’mores make every camping experience better. All you need are marshmallows, graham crackers, and some chocolate. Since you don’t want to set your house on fire, preparing them in the microwave sounds like a safer alternative. To have more fun as a family, let the kids help with the recipe. That way, you will be set with a perfect camping snack.


  1. Time to Play

Having set everything in place, it is now time to start the camping party. There are so many indoor games to play. A good example is a balloon tennis game. You can relax since these lightweight balloons can’t damage anything in the surrounding. You can as well play other indoor games such as chubby bunny and the cup game.


  1. Story Time

Although storytelling works perfectly with or without a tent, the tent makes it better. Space gives you a more intimate feeling. Better still, with the camping lighting, ghost stories get juicier since it looks a bit creepy. While camping indoors, you can either read stories to your family or narrate one that you have memorized. By giving your kids a chance to tell stories, you help them improve their confidence as well as communication skills. After each story, you can ask simple questions such as what they have learned.


6. Time to Rest

After a ton of fun activities, the kids are probably sleepy. Bedtime marks the end of the indoor camping party, which must have been fun. Therefore, don’t let this social distancing period get boring. With just a few camping necessities, you are ready to camp inside your house. Visit the Saco River Camping Area website for inspiration.