Camping with colleagues has always been a good way of bonding with them. This out-of-work environment helps us establish trust and friendships with each other. However, due to the novel Coronavirus Disease, you have to cancel any camping plans with colleagues. But that doesn’t mean that you have to forget about each other. You can still bond virtually, each from the comfort of their home. Take a look at these five ideas.

Video Interaction

Thanks to technology, we can now video call. All you need is a reliable internet connection.

  1. Virtual Office Meetings

Office meetings from time to time help colleagues remain focused. So, what happens now that most people are working from home? Hold office meetings virtually. In those meetings, you can ask questions to monitor everyone’s progress. Questions like what has been motivating them lately are a good start. While at it, ensure that everybody gets a chance to ask and answer questions, including the team leader. Besides, do not ambush the colleagues with a meeting. Give them considerable time to prepare.

  1. Get Personal

Team building helps us know each other on a persona level. And yes, it is possible to do it virtually. For instance, each member can show the rest a bit of their personal life. Like a tour in their home or a few of their items. The only downside is that this might not work efficiently for big teams. This activity instills a feeling of closeness among the team members.

  1. A Movie Night

You are probably wondering how that can work yet you can’t meet at the cinema with your colleagues. But you sure can feel like one through video. Stream your movie of choice via a conference call. To feel like you are in the same room, have an open chat box so that you can share remarks instantly. After the movie, you will have a few inside jokes, and every member gets a chance to relax.

No Video

Although employees tend to be more productive when seeing their colleagues, you can’t make video calls all day. Here are activities that will keep you connected, even without seeing each other.

  1. Sharing Calendars

Although work calendars mostly involve work-related events, you can make an exception this period. Working from home can easily make us forget about the personal lives of our colleagues. However, allowing colleagues to add some private events can help. Do they have their kid’s birthday coming up? If they include that in the shared calendar, nobody will forget to send their birthday wishes. Besides, through these calendars, you can tell when certain colleagues won’t be available, making planning easy.

  1. The Guessing Game

How well do you know your colleagues? Find that out through the guessing game. Each member receives a sheet with some a few personal facts. There is a column on the side, where you indicate who the facts belong to — it is hilarious. You can then see how well you guessed and laugh at each other.

Don’t let this pandemic make you lose touch with your work-mates. Above all, stay safe. We can resume camping after the epidemic.