One person in over 77 million households in the U.S. is a camper. Winter will be fading away in a few weeks. The trees will start to bloom, and days will get longer. The weather will be inviting, and people like to reconnect with nature in such weather conditions.

Camping will be the ideal choice for families that want to create memorable moments and experiences this new decade.  Below is a compilation of reasons why you should consider camping this year.


1. You Get to Sharpen Your Survival Skills

Camping comes with a set of new challenges that prompt you to be a better person. Being in an environment where you have no electricity, and you have to prepare meals in an old-fashioned way is good for your brain. You will get to learn how to adapt and cope with different types of challenges that make you think outside the box.


2. It Promotes Good Health

Following a particular trail or just taking a walk in the evening are among the things that help in working out. Sometimes, you won’t even notice that you are exercising because it’s different from the gym you are used to.

You’ll also get to have some free time from reality, which is great for your stress levels. Moreover, on the camping site, you’re probably not going to get access to unhealthy foodstuff since you will want to carry foods that don’t go bad quickly. Vegetables and fruits will be your companion, and this helps in calorie intake. 


3. It Helps Strengthen Relationships

Nothing brings people together than outdoor activities. You get to experience new things along with the people you care about and love. Whether it’s hiking, swimming, or just telling ghost stories around the campfire, camping gives you time to bond with your loved ones and create unforgettable memories. Make sure to go to a camping area that has numerous recreational facilities that can accommodate everyone, whether it’s your lover or your kids.

4. It Is a Perfect Opportunity to Get Away From Technology

As much as technology is useful, you need to give yourself a small break sometimes. Camping allows you to reboot from all the things that you might have been addicted to, from your favorite TV programs to using your phones. 

You spend all your energy on outdoor activities, which will ensure you are exhausted by the time you get back to your tent. Your sleep cycle that might have been altered will automatically be restored. The noise from the city will be replaced by the sound of small insects like crickets or just total silence.


5. It Is Pocket-Friendly

Have you been saving up for a vacation, but you feel you won’t meet the target? Don’t fret, camping serves as an excellent alternative for a vacation. The good news is it is very affordable and very fulfilling. You’ll only need to purchase camping gear, a tent, and a sleeping bag, all of which are re-usable if kept well. Food supplies depend on what you like and your budget. A camping site that has a country store will be your best choice. 

Let 2020 be your year of fun and adventure — purpose to visit Saco River Camping Area for an unforgettable camping experience.