To most people (even some outdoor enthusiasts), camping is an activity best done in summer. While its true summer boasts the best camping conditions, if done right, a winter camp can become one of your most cherished outdoor adventures. Here are five reasons why you should go winter camping before the snow bids us goodbye.


  • Fewer Crowds


Summer is considered the traditional camping season worldwide. This is precisely why you should pack your camping gear and give winter camping a shot. With a majority of camping enthusiasts holed up in their homes doing the ordinary like watching movies, your competition for the best camping spots reduces tremendously. Depending on your campsite, you may even get to see wild animals that would have otherwise been scared off by bigger crowds. 


  • Indescribable Tranquility 


Ever woken up at three in the morning while the rest of the world is asleep? The peace and tranquility at this time of the morning are simply indescribable. Now imagine having that kind of tranquility the entire day! That briefly describes the type of atmosphere of winter camping presents. Away from the bustle and hustle of daily life and with fewer crowds, winter camping is the perfect definition of “pure bliss.”  

Also note, the shorter days and longer nights mean that the sky is usually darker and clearer in winter, so the stars are more visible. Add in the fact that unlike the city, camping spots have little to no pollution, and you have the perfect setting for sky watching at the most magnificent night sky.

The lack of noise and picturesque starry skies coupled up with how different and beautiful the world looks like when covered by a fresh blanket of snow will change your perception of places you frequently visited during your camping trips. It’ll impart in you a newfound appreciation for nature and foster a deep connection between you and Mother Nature.


  • It’s Usually Mosquito Free


Humans aren’t the only ones who hate the cold weather because even bugs like mosquitoes prefer to take a winter nap instead of wreaking havoc on campers. This means no more scrambling to zip up your tent or having to pack loads of repellant!


  • Perfect Way to Rekindle Your Love


Nothing screams romance better than cuddling in the glow of a campfire, a cup of hot coffee in hand, surrounded by nothing but the tranquility of Mother Nature and a breathtaking, starry winter sky. If you’ve been looking for ways to rekindle your love flame, then you should consider camping in winter. 


  • You Automatically Get Bragging Rights


Winter and camping are rarely mentioned in the same sentence. This is because not most people can pull it off. Therefore, other than enjoying an amazing and peaceful experience, you automatically get bragging rights. After all, anyone can spin summer camping stories, but only those with the courage to sleep in a tent while it’s -10°C and below get the last laugh.